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Size: 60X40Cm

Halong Bay Gemstone Paintings
Halong Bay is a unique heritage because this place contains important traces in the process of formation and development of Earth's history, it is also the cradle of the Vietnamese ancestors. It is comprised of a multitude of limestone islands and islets rising from the sea, in a variety of sizes and shapes and presenting picturesque, unspoiled nature, Ha Long Bay is a spectacular seascape sculpted by nature. The property retains a high level of naturalness, and despite its long history of human use, is not seriously degraded. Outstanding features of the property include the magnificent towering limestone pillars and associated notches, arches and caves, which are exceptionally well-developed and among the best presented of their type in the world.It is also associated with cultural values and the heroic history of our country.



The outstanding value of Ha Long Bay is centered on the drowned limestone karst landforms, displaying spectacular pillars with a variety of coastal erosional features such as arches and caves which form a majestic natural scenery. The repeated regression and transgression of the sea on the limestone karst over geological time has produced a mature landscape of clusters of conical peaks and isolated towers which were modified by sea invasion, adding an extra element to the process of lateral undercutting of the limestone towers and islands.



The bay features thousands of limestone karsts and isles in various sizes and shapes including Voi Islet (elephant), Ga Choi Islet (fighting cock), Khi Islet (monkey), and Mai Nha Islet (roof).Hidden in the rock island,those are beautiful caves associated with many miraculous legends such as Thien Cung, Dau Go, Sung Sot, Trinh Nu, Tam Cung ... It really is the castle Creator between earthly place. 500 years ago, Nguyễn Trãi praised the beauty of Hạ Long Bay in his verse Lộ nhập Vân Đồn, in which he called it "rock wonder in the sky".

The colors in the picture are made up from thousands natural gemstones; thus, it is durable for a long time.
In addition to hundreds of available paintings with many different sizes, we also received the orders of gemstone portraits as requests, such as wedding photos representing eternal love, portraits, or picture of mansions and organizations ... as request of customers.

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Set of products includes

01 gemstone painting

Made Products: Made in Viet Nam

Product sizes: 60 x 40 (cm)

Weigh Product: 4000 gram

Packing: Carton box

Instruction use and preservation: The picture can be display in your living room or a gift from Viet Nam

Policy change delivery: Products can be exchanged within 01 week

Delivery information: Delivery within 1-4h (after order confirmation) in HCM City

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The artisans have implanted natural gemstones into vivid and colorful paintings by their skillful hands. The implanting process has to go through several stages.
Firstly, they need to prepare materials, the gemstones are mined from quarries. Through the process of pounding, sieving and using magnets to suck all of the metal particles mixed in stone. Next, the stone is washed with dilute acid to remove the outside dirt and then roasted.
Making picture stages; firstly, the artisans have to sketch the content of the picture on mica background. Every detail of picture will be sprinkled with various gemstones, and glue will be applied before or after. The picture will be completed after 1-2 days when all of gemstones are dry and framed.
Gemstone paintings has durability, natural colors and do not fade, no pollution, no harm to human health, such as blue (aquamarine stone), blue (sapphire), turquoise (Emerald stone), yellow (Citrin stone, opal), red (Agate, Opal)... All of the stones are 100% of Vietnam gemstone, which are mined from the Lam Dong province, Nghe An, Yen Bai ...

Our products have been valued by several large and small, domestic and foreign corporations such as Mobile Phone, FPT, Mercedes, Rex Hotel, Dong Tam Group, Phuong Nam Bookstore, Pho Dinh Restaurant,…as well as online retailer giants such as Adayroi, Hotdeal,…

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