Model boat in bottle MNV-MHC03

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The ship in a bottle is probably the best known of a broader category of puzzle known as the “impossible bottle”. In spite of industry developing ship models are still handmade and they still amaze us; besides it is an art that requires much patience and skill. Many people are fond of ship modeling nowadays using modern materials and constantly inventing new methods of fitting. This product is suitable to be gifts for relatives, friends, and colleague
The length of the model: 24cm

Wondrous world in a bottle
The World in the bottle of My Nghe Viet covers everything that a master’s rich imagination can create. It can be religious scenes, mills, mechanisms, statuettes, cars, planes, that is all that can not be named “a ship”…. Enjoying the small beautiful world which is likely in fairy, will be more interesting when you meet people who created them.
Rather than hinged masts or spars of a limited length, the model can be constructed according to any specifications the builder desires. Individual pieces must still be able to fit through the neck of the bottle, and the craftsman must become proficient with the use of specialized, long-handled tools in order to complete all the work on the model only able to access it through the bottle’s narrow neck. For most people, however, a ship in a bottle is not really about the mystery of its construction. Rather, it is the simple enjoyment of a delightful piece of nautical décor set on a shelf, mantle or desk that carries with it the romance of the sea and a small thrill of escape we enjoy when viewing it.
My Nghe Viet brings the colorful and wondrous world in the bottles to all customers


Set of products includes

1 Model boat in bottle

Made Products: Minh Long - Vietnam

Product sizes: 24cm

Weigh Product: 1000g

Packing: box of product

Instruction use and preservation: The boat can be display in your living room, working office or a gift for your friends

Policy change delivery: within a week

Delivery information: Delivery within 1-4h (after order confirmation) in HCM City

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Wooden boat Models with classic wood are selected in order to be suitable with each sample code (cuff wood, incense wood,…). Some details such as hull, deck and sails as well as other decorations have been crafted meticulously by skillful artisans in Vietnamese traditional handicraft villages to simulate a actual boat.

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