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Vietnamese paintings in the heart of the Vietnamese in America

For many people, even though they are far from Vietnam halfway around the world, even though they are far away from their homeland more than half their lives, Vietnamese images are still in their hearts.
Tet is always a time for people far from home to return home with family. As for the overseas Vietnamese, the Lunar New Year is a time for them to remember about Vietnam, where their origins are.
Vu Van Le is a Vietnamese American businessman based in Houston, Texas. From his retirement days, he has collected items related to Vietnam sold in the world through the online auction floor. One of those items is Vietnamese paintings.
Beginning with Thanh Le lacquer artworks, which were famous for a long time, and now comes all the paintings of Vietnamese landscape, especially Hanoi, where he was born. Among them, there is a picture that he is extremely impressed, he had to stay up all night to buy it, although he can not remember clearly where the landscape was, who the author was and the final price was several times higher than the price offered initially.
It is from this picture that he realizes that, even though he has left his homeland more than half of his life, the images of Vietnam are still bold in the heart of the Vietnamese expatriates.